Joel Robert Taking Stage as DFAC Featured Dancer [7/13]

Joel M. Robert is a life-long resident of Ascension who graduated from St. Amant High School, going on to earn his degree from LSU.  A local business owner/entrepreneur, blessed with a beautiful wife (Mandi) and two healthy, extraordinary children (Harrison and Brittyn), it is important for Joel to give something back to the community that’s given him so much.

“Dancing for a Cause is the perfect opportunity, a chance to support The ARC of East Ascension in all of the organization’s wonderful efforts,” Joel said of his upcoming turn on the stage at that annual event scheduled for July 13 at Lamar Dixon Expo Center’s 4-H Building.

Joel was taught from a very young age to stand up for himself, and for others.  He learned that success is a combination of hard work, innovation, tenacity, and even failure.  Most importantly, Joel’s father taught him to give God the glory for all accomplishments and serve others to attain real achievement.

“It’s important to go outside your comfort zone, to experience new things because it is the only way any individual can grow.  Dancing for a Cause certainly fits the bill because I don’t know how to dance,” Joel said with more than a little trepidation.  “Training has been a challenge, and that’s without the stage lights, but I was taught life’s challenges are what build character.”

Joel takes an active role his our community and church, Healing Place.  He strives to “make a positive and lasting impact in the community where” he lives and works.  He coaches at Ascension Christian School and Healing Place Church, mentoring his children and their peers in football, basketball, and soccer.

Joel is excited to participate in the 10th Annual Dancing for a Cause; and invites all his friends to come out and enjoy the show.