Traffic Safety

Traffic congestion is awful, and worsens with every new development.  Most corridors cannot handle existing traffic, no more major subdivisions until infrastructure catches up. Currently, our Highway 44 corridor in District 2 is experiencing unprecedented growth.  Three Major Subdivisions; Riverton, Oak Lake and Conway are now under construction which will add another 5,000 vehicles to the corridor every day. Until Hwy 44 is four-laned to River Road, the area cannot sustain any new major subdivisions.

Safe access for residents entering Hwy. 44 from Loosemore Road/Hwy. 941 is one of my highest priorities.  The danger for residents and those motorists at this intersection is unacceptable.  Even though there have been numerous accidents at this intersection, DOTD has refused to install a traffic light.  A proposed roundabout will not be completed for years.  DOTD needs to install a stoplight NOW!

The council has focused road improvements in North Ascension, ignoring the deplorable conditions of District 2.