Responsible Development

We are fortunate to enjoy a quality of life that is attractive to prospective residents, thousands of whom have migrated to our parish over the last two decades.  Nearly 50,000 new residents and another 75,000 expected over the next two decades. Ascension’s infrastructure network is overwhelmed.  The Parish Council fails to meet the challenge, refuses to enact policy to protect our quality of life.

All of us suffer the consequences: traffic congestion, impaired drainage, overcrowded schools, compromised public safety…the list goes on.

It is time for that to change; time to require actual investment from developers doing business in our parish; time to accept the fact that some areas of our parish are unsuitable for Major Subdivision development.

I, Joel Robert, will never appoint any individual to the Planning Commission who is only a rubber stamp of approval for subdivision development.  I promise to implement and enforce rigorous Traffic and Drainage Impact Analyses to ensure infrastructure is in place before Major Subdivisions are built.