Drainage Improvements

In August, 2016 Ascension suffered the worst flood in parish history.  Nearly 3 years later the Parish Council has not fully assessed this devastating disaster; failing to prepare for the next flood.

Promises made in the Follet Plan in the mid-1980’s have been ignored.  Floodplain Management has been delayed for years, projects languishing on the drawing board for two decades… Even regular maintenance of drainage ditches and canals has proven beyond the capability of elected officials.

Ascension taxpayers contribute over $20 million annually to fund the East and West Ascension Drainage Boards.  Where has all that money gone? I demand transparency;  I will get answers to this question.

As your District 2 Councilman and Drainage Board Commissioner:

I will push for change, starting with a continuous maintenance program; the simplest and most cost-effective measure we can undertake.

The Town of Sorrento must have levee protection as laid out in the Follet Plan.

Panama Canal/Conway Bayou must be cleared of impediments to drainage and maintained on a regular basis.

We cannot continue to allow Major Subdivision development in the floodplain; adding massive amounts of dirt and concrete which takes up vital water storage capacity during rain events.

  • Limited fill
  • Wise expenditures of $100 million
  • Invest drainage tax money in actual projects that mitigate flooding